Car Security Systems

Why Car Security Is Important?

  • Thieves and burglars are always on the lookout for less alert owners to rob them of their valuables in the car or worse; even the car especially in neighboring countries.
  • Greater protection against such unwarranted losses incurred.

Less desirable to vandals, vandalism is always a continuance threat especially in the HDBs Car Parks and some may say private residences.

Capture road accidents for easier motor claims



Two Way Alarm Systems
Two Way Alarm Systems delivers quality and reliability in consideration with the advancement of technology and consumer’s demands. The system is exquisitely designed with real time 1 mile two-way communication between driver and vehicle. Unique features include valet mode, remote start and starter kill.

GPS / GSM Alarm
Offering greater security anywhere, everywhere, the GSM/GPS alarm systems. You can now monitor the real-time status of your drive regardless of location and time. Integrating with code hopping and anti-hijack features, rest assure your drive is in safe hands.

One Way Alarm Systems
One way alarms assures the safety of consumers and reassures the insurance of the vehicle. Coupled with a wide range of advanced integrated alarm features such as the passive keyless entry, everyone can now experience value added security with our finest one way car alarm.

Optional Addons
Theoretically, a car alarm system could be used as a “stand-alone” security device for the automobile. However now you can have Optional Addons which includes Push Start System, Window Roll-up Automation, Microwave Sensor, Side-Mirror Autofold, Trunk Release, Z-Pass Alpha Touch Pad & More! With these enhancements, users are able to enjoy convenience at his own luxury!

Camera & Surveillances

Vehicle Digital Voice Recorder
In-vehicle Digital Video Recorders are designed for the exclusive use in an automobile. Able to resist shock and most importantly reliability, Digital Video Recorders are widely regarded as the ideal technology for surveillance recording.

Mini Cameras
Each and every cameras are uniquely designed for the use of in an automobile. Our variety of cameras ranges from mini pinhole CCD Cameras for focused view, to 180 degrees angle CCD Cameras, thus ensuring that nothing is left uncaptured!

Car Black Box
Offering value added assurance on the road. Provides optimum image quality using mega pixels resolution lens Fret never, as accident claims against you will hence be reasonably justified. Tested and proven effective on Singapore Roads! Stationary surveillance recording can also be operated with professional installation by our skilled engineers over at the service centre.