We design and customize automotive leather seat covers to suit customer’s requirements for all needs and budget. Our leather hides which are imported from Germany, Italy and China are of superior grade to suit all budget. They have been thoroughly scrutinized under stringent quality control to exceed automotive industries specifications.

From design and customization of automotive upholstery to leather seats restoration, we are always providing the best. Our leather seats are a luxurious and elegant appointment to any vehicle. They are durable, hygienic, dissipate heat easily, comfortable, UV resistant and easy to maintain.

After all, we are the specialist in automotive upholstery. Through this process, we will guide you through our product offerings and assist you to choose the most suitable leather so as to provide a professional makeover to your vehicle.

Our professional production solutions will guarantee your car seats to have a long-term performance, accompanying with a one-year warranty to all leather chosen.

– Nappa Leather
– Montana Leather
– Alcantara Leather
– Classic Leather
– Suede Leather
– Synthetic Leather
– Dakota Leather
– Carbon Fiber
– Fabric
– Other superior grades of leather