Maintenance & Servicing

Below are a list of services we provide:

Air-con Flushing:

Functions of your Air Con system:
• Maintain’s your ride temperature in hot weathers
• De humidifying air in the passenger compartment
• Removes moisture through an evaporator beneath the dashboard

Why Maintenance?
If moisture is collected internally, it lead to growth of fungus and bacteria over time.

How we maintain?
• Check of Air con filter
• Treatment of Air com compress
• Flush of Air con system
• Top Up of Aircon Gas and etc

Carbon Cleaning & Oil Change:

Functions of your Engine:

The engine is the heart and soul of your car. It transform the air and petrol into motion so it can drive the wheels of the car.

Why Maintenance?
• Short start-stop driving trips as well as prolonged idling lead to carbon deposits in the combustion chamber
• Saves fuel and a smoother ride when you have a clean engine

How we Maintain?
• A carbon flush is performed on your engine with a special cleaner
• A flush is pour into your engine
• New engine Oil are replaced. Addictives and many other products can be added into to increase lubrications to ensure maximum performance of the engine


Functions of your 4 Tyres:
Gives your grip and stability when driving

Why Maintenance?
• Without maintenance, vibration in the steering wheel can be felt
• Cause the car to lose “sense of direction”
• Prolong the lifespan of your tyres

How we Maintain?
• Tyres Rotation
• Tyres Balancing with fully computerized System

Other Services Available:

• Power Steering Fluid Flush
• ATF Flush
• Radiator Flush
• Nitrogen Gas for Tyres
• Injector Clean
• Change of Fuel Pump
• Major Timing Belt Change
• Major Over Hauling
• Major Air Con Repairs

Our standard Maintenance Checks:
• Spark Plug
• Contact Point
• Brake Fluid Top Up
• Transmission Fluid Top Up
• Power Steering Fluid Top Up
• Radiator Coolant Top Up
• Computerised Electrical Systems Diagnosis (Battery condition & Alternator Checks)
• Battery Water Top up
• Fan Belt
• Computerised Air-con Diagnosis
• Air-con Belt
• Clean Air Filter
• Lights Operation Checks
• Horn & Wipers Checks
• Tyre Pressure & Wear Checks
• Handbrake Adjustment
• Brake Pad & Brake Shoe Checks

Brands Available:

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