Fender Flares

Fender Flares are a welcomed addition to any custom project. Bolt on Fender Flares are not simply for looks either. The aftermarket Fender Flares we carry are designed to be bolted directly the OEM fenders or OEM rear quarter panels and often times protect your body from rocks, debris and other items your tires could kick up.

A lot of people are running custom Fender Flares today because they are looking for the wide body kit appearance found on several professional race cars. The wide body Fender Flares are a great look that make your vehicle’s stance appear wider. Enthusiasts take this look even further by installing aftermarket wheels that fill out the wheel well, making the rim sit flush with your new fiberglass Fender Flares.

If you want to protect your paint, change the look or just complete your custom body kit project; a new Fender Flare Set is a great option that really gives your car a completed look. Custom Fender Trim, Body Trim and Off-road Fender Flares all accentuate your body lines.

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