Body Kits (Lip Sets)

There are several different reasons people choose to install aftermarket Body Kits on their vehicles. Car accidents happen all the time, causing damage to body panels. While some choose to live with the damage, most people are concerned with the way their cars look and want bumper replacements, replacement side skirts other OEM replacement body parts.

One of the other main reasons people choose custom Body Kits is because they simply want to change the look of their vehicle.

We have several body kit options to choose from. We carry the lastest styles of bodykits in the world.

Turn your ride into a better looking one when you employ the use of Side Skirts. Adding a side skirt set to your current ride will help to create better air flow and give you a custom look.

The air flowing around your ride will be changed and that will help somewhat with fuel mileage and high speed stability. New aftermarket Side Skirts come in many shapes and varieties so that you can choose the perfect ones to place on your ride.

And if you are wondering what else custom Side Skirts do, they make your vehicle appear lower to the ground without you having to spend a lot of money on a suspension system. Some Side Skirts will go a long way toward making your car look stunning. Add some Side Skirts to your vehicle today and notice the difference they make immediately.

With many years of experience, we are well-equipped to handle any repair confidently, no matter large or small, from repairs through to the refinishing stage with the highest possible standard guaranteed.