V – 1 Sound Damping Material

V – 1 Sound Damping Material is specifically engineered with sound and vibration absorbing properties to reduce noise from road, exhaust, rain, wind, vibrations and improve car audio system with our insulation materials.

USA technology-formula V – 1 Sound Damping Material is made up with 1 layer of damping and 1 layer of concealing material and other good stuff to create the ultimate acoustic material for cars.

When installed, it will absorb the vibrations and reduce interior cabin temperature. With its dampening function, the noise from outside your car will be blocked from entering the car. Music from within your car will at the same time concealed within your car with the concealing function to enhance your car audio system.

The maximum temperature that the material can be exposed to is 100ÂșC and above. They are 100% water proof and odourless. V-1 Sound Damping Material comes with a powerful adhesive on one side protected by a wax paper backing.

It is easy to cut and install and pressure sensitive.

Box of 4 pieces ( 75cm by 60 cm ) – $200 per box.