Bodykits & Customisations

We are definitely your one stop shop for everything related to car body works and styling. Bring your car to life with a new body kit that will totally change the look of your car instantly. Custom body kit can help to bring out a driver’s uniqueness, style and character. Regardless if you are looking for universal body kits or wide body kits, we have it. We pride ourselves in giving you high quality body kits and workmanship.

We offer the lowest prices for quality body kits. We have FRP, polyurethane, ABS & EFR made body kits to suit all needs. Not only do we carry body kits, we also offer a huge selection on front bumpers, rear add-ons, rear bumpers, front lips, side skirts, rear lips, canards, aero kits, body accessories, carbon fibre hoods, wide fender flares, air intakes, spoilers, wide body kits, wings, ground effects, eye lids and many, many more!

If you not be able to find a kit that suits you, we will customize them to your likings!

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- Front & Rear Bumpers
- Body Kits (Lip Sets)
- Hoods
- Hoods & Scoops
- Fender Flares
- Spoilers & Wings
- Front Grilles
- Eye Lids
- Accessories & Canards

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