Sound Proofing

Being the Sole Dealer for SILENT Soundproofing, Still Racing promise to provide drivers a brand new experience in your ride and bring “In-Car-Entertainment” to a new era with SILENT research and development acoustical products.

This is achieved by reducing road noise, exhaust noise, rain noise, wind noise, vibrations and improve car audio system with our insulation materials. This in turn makes the interior of the vehicle feel expensive. Interior sound will be revitalize regardless whether your car is old or new.

Silent Sound Proofing Products:
- V – 1 Sound Damping Material
- V – 2 Sound Concealing Material
- V – 3 Absorbing Material
- V – 4 Sealant Material
- V – 5 Cavity Fill Material
- V – 6 Rubberized Sound Proofing Coating
- V – 7 High Speed Wind Stripper

Process of Installation:

Sound insulation can be done on the doors, firewall, floorpan, roof, boot wheel arcs and fenders Install our v-1 sound damping material to feel the difference now!


If you have door mounted speakers, installing the door is vital. Remove the door covers and cut a V-1 Sound Damping Material up to install the pieces on the inside of the outside skin of the door and around the speakers after removing the wax paper backing. You can install it on the metal that is covered by the door panel or on the inside of the door panel itself.

When you are done with the doors they will close with a solid healthy “thump” like one of the expensive cars! Audio system will be enhanced blocking off wind and road noise not forgetting the vibrations for the panels.

Fire Wall & Floor Pan

Covering the firewall and the floor pan will cut out road, wind, engine noise, vibrations and gear transmission noise. If you have a noisy exhaust, that will become less noticeable. Start by removing the seats and then the carpets all the way to the trunk and desk board. Begin by removing the wax paper backing and lay down the V-1 Sound Damping Material on the panels. And upon installing, fit back all the seats, carpet and deskboard.


The roof of a car can be compared to a giant size cymbal in a drum set. It’s huge surface area is prone to vibration from the sound system and the road surface. Applying V-1 Sound Damping Material to the roof of a car is not the easiest of tasks. But if you’re up to a good workout on your shoulders, the result is impressive. It reduces rain, road and wind noise.

Remove the roof cover and cut the V-1 Sound Damping Material up to fit into the roof. Its powerful adhesive will stick onto the panels tightly. Upon installing, fit back the cover.


Installing the boot with V-1 Sound Damping Material can help to reduce exhaust and vibration noise. Take out your spare tyre and strip off your carpets. Simply remove the wax paper backing and install the material onto your whole boot and put the carpets and spare tyre back to hide the material.

Wheel Arc & Fenders

The semi circle of your wheel area can be installed with V-1 Sound Damping Material to reduce the noise generating for the movements of the wheels, road noise as well as wind noise and vibrations.

Take out your wheels and protector to reach the panels. Install the material on the semi circle all the way to the fenders to achieve the ultimate performance!