Engine Works

Your car’s engine works hard and endures brutal conditions. By maintaining your engine, you can minimize the negative impacts that daily driving puts on your car and ensure that it lasts for a very long time.

Annual service will increase the performance of your engine, increase your fuel economy, and extend the life of your engine. Failure to service your fuel system can lead to the failure and replacement of expensive parts, loss of horsepower, and other performance issues.

Maintenance & Servicing

Below are a list of services we provide:

Air-con Flushing:
Functions of your Air Con system:
• Maintain’s your ride temperature in hot weathers
• De humidifying air in the passenger compartment
• Removes moisture through an evaporator beneath the dashboard

Why Maintenance?
If moisture is collected internally, it lead to growth of fungus and bacteria over time

How we maintain?
• Check of Air con filter
• Treatment of Air com compress
• Flush of Air con system
• Top Up of Aircon Gas and etc

Carbon Cleaning & Oil Change:
Functions of your Engine:
The engine is the heart and soul of your car. It transform the air and petrol into motion so it can drive the wheels of the car.

Why Maintenance?
• Short start-stop driving trips as well as prolonged idling lead to carbon deposits in the combustion chamber
• Saves fuel and a smoother ride when you have a clean engine

How we Maintain?
• A carbon flush is performed on your engine with a special cleaner
• A flush is pour into your engine
• New engine Oil are replaced. Addictives and many other products can be added into to increase lubrications to ensure maximum performance of the engine

Functions of your 4 Tyres:
Gives your grip and stability when driving

Why Maintenance?
• Without maintenance, vibration in the steering wheel can be felt
• Cause the car to lose “sense of direction”
• Prolong the lifespan of your tyres

How we Maintain?
• Tyres Rotation
• Tyres Balancing with fully computerized System

Other Services Available:
• Power Steering Fluid Flush
• ATF Flush
• Radiator Flush
• Nitrogen Gas for Tyres
• Injector Clean
• Change of Fuel Pump
• Major Timing Belt Change
• Major Over Hauling
• Major Air Con Repairs

Our standard Maintenance Checks:
• Spark Plug
• Contact Point
• Brake Fluid Top Up
• Transmission Fluid Top Up
• Power Steering Fluid Top Up
• Radiator Coolant Top Up
• Computerised Electrical Systems Diagnosis (Battery condition & Alternator Checks)
• Battery Water Top up
• Fan Belt
• Computerised Air-con Diagnosis
• Air-con Belt
• Clean Air Filter
• Lights Operation Checks
• Horn & Wipers Checks
• Tyre Pressure & Wear Checks
• Handbrake Adjustment
• Brake Pad & Brake Shoe Checks